Senior Consultant, Full Stack Web and Mobile. Agile and Clean Code Developer. Freelance since 2001.


I love developing for the (mobile) web and let applications fly in high traffic environments. Scaling up and scaling out is what i do since August 2000.


My Language of choice is PHP since 1998, I know all ups and down and still am up to date. Other languages and plattforms i like to work with are javascript, node.js, java or ruby.


I learned setting up linux servers and managing a couple of hardware racks as well as automating installations, configurations and deployments of servers and application instances.


What I enjoy most is discussing and implementing complex software architecture together with a team of smart developers. I also enjoy tough problems and finding pragmatic solutions.

Technical Skills:

java, php, javascript, nodejs, performance, large-scale, high-availability,

tdd, ddd, clean code.


Please find my up to date resume and project list at: